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“The Language of Love”

Italian Courses For Foreigners

Courses at Super School are designed to bring our students closer to the beauty and complexity of the Italian language through a teaching method based on direct communication. During the lessons, students practice the four foundations of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Super School offers group, individual and semi-individual courses as well as courses for companies, children and on Skype. Private tuition available at your home/residence and workplace.

Group Courses

Group courses involve all four foundations of language- speaking, listening, reading and writing – starting with the first lesson.

Our method is based on the written and oral communication of Italian and is constructed around the knowledge and needs of each student.

The course consists of 15 hours of lessons per week. Lessons are held every day, from Monday to Friday, and last 3 hours. Students must take an entrance exam in order to determine their level (A1-A2 beginner; B1-B2 intermediate; C1-C2 advanced). The goal of the course is to get the student to start using Italian immediately and on a daily basis, starting with the basics of everyday conversation and building up to more thorough and complex comprehension.

Individual Courses

Super School offers personalized courses, DITALS exam preparation and interview, essay and presentation help.

For individual and semi-individual courses, students can choose the schedule they want.

Free Trial Lesson

All incoming students have the opportunity to participate in a free trial lesson. Your trial lesson, either in a group or individual class, will give you the chance to see the school, meet the teachers and learn about our teaching method.

The teacher will use your trial lesson to determine your level of Italian in order to place you in the right class.


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